Red Dead 2 Best Horse Locations: Where To Find The Top Breeds

Red Dead 2 Best Horse Locations: Where To Find The Top Breeds

Here are the details you’ll need to get Red Dead Redemption 2’s best horses.

The Only Horse You Need In RDO (The Best RDR2 Online Horses)

It’s fair to say when it comes to playing Red Dead Online, we all like or dislike different content but no matter what types of game modes or features you enjoy playing, you will always need a good horse in game.

The Only Horse You Need In RDO (The Best RDR2 Online Horses)

There’s loads of different types of RDO Horses that are available and it’s likely that there will be a lot more in the future as Rockstar Games releases new Red Dead Online Updates. When you first start RDR2 Online, you’re gifted a Kentucky Saddler, this horse has low stamina, low health, low speed and low acceleration. Even if you was to get this RDR2 Online horse to level 4 bonding, it’s still not a good horse. Players are desperate at the beginning to buy something new but it can be difficult to know exactly what horse to buy in-game. In this video I will show you what’s the best horse in Red Dead Online. I will go through many of the different horses available and explain what’s good and what’s bad. I will also break down what stats matter on the horse and what doesn’t matter. Loads of players look at horse speed and acceleration but because of the design features available in-game, these stats don’t matter even when it comes to racing. It’s not as simple as saying that “this is the best horse, go buy it!” because there’s reasoning behind each factor that makes it the best horse. To further help you out, I’ve also given suggestions on types of saddles and stirrups to use whilst also giving tips on what to do depending on playstyle or where you are in game. This is the ultimate guide to getting a RDR2 Online horse in 2021.

The RDO Update brought new types of missions to Red Dead Online which will include new criminal activities that players have been asking for since the release in 2018 and now it’s finally here. The Red Dead Online Blood Money Update has just been released so there will be a lot more content to be released in the next couple months, leading into Halloween content.

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Today I give you my top 10 list for most stunning horses in RDR2! From Arabians, to thoroughbreds, here are a small handful of horses that are the best and most beautiful (some very rare) in Red Dead!

This video is family friendly.

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How To Get RARE Brindle Thoroughbred FREE! Fastest Horse! Red Dead Redemption 2 Best Horses [RDR2]

Today in Red Dead Redemption We show how to get the Brindle Thoroughbred for Free! The Brindle Is an uncommon coat and is one of the fastest horses in RDR2!

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Complete HORSE Guide – The BEST Horses and How To Get Them – Red Dead Redemption 2

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